Juliana, 22 years old, Brazil.

Balance of the yeat so far:
My grandmother died on december 2013
My mom got depressed and quitted her job
My other grandmother is really ill and my father didnt said a thing about this to our family
I fell in love and it went kinda bad
My dad is an asshole and gave my dog away without letting me know about it
My dog still is the most important thing for me so this is being really hard
I broke two tooths in separated days over the last 3 weeks
My bf is depressed and i cant help him
Turna out that one of my closest friends is a fuckin asshole
My job sucks
My knee sucks
And my notebook just broke, which means i cant work or even distract myself
I quit

So as if my life wasnt shitty enough my notebool just broke




youre gonna look so godamn cool

the raddest shit i’ve ever reblogged


I just watched nana for like the 3489934º time and guess what: i am still a faggot